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by Surface and Air

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released November 6, 2016


tags: folk Portland


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Surface and Air Portland, Oregon

Some of the random thoughts and sounds running through my head, documented via this little DIY project, and set free to roam the world.

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Track Name: Edits to History
the streets are nearly empty, is there something I should know?
the billboard is suggesting the way to go
the army's at the ready the general's ill at ease
even the mathematician is suspicious of the trees

a weak justification and silence overhead
unable to decipher the blatant difference
between what really happened and edits to history
why state lines used to matter is still a mystery

marching in time with a drum while searching for a fugitive
and I say "please one thing at a time"

reactions on a schedule the pull and push of tides
but now we're sitting stranded landlocked and uninspired
I'm twenty minutes in and done faking impressed
already I am looking for the nearest exit

still beating on that drum, surprise, no sign of anyone
and I say "please one thing at a time"
Track Name: Silhouettes of Industry
the farmer wakes, the city sleeps, once so far away
he stares out at what once was trees
now silhouettes of industry

another field is compromised, not coming back, not in this life
this life

for all my years no other walls have I called home
where do I go? all I thought I knew
is running out of living proof

and though they may not recognize why for this land I choose to fight
I will fight

and I don't ask for very much
Track Name: Bridges
these states appear altered past the borderline
where for a moment each of us was someone else
we formed circles in the early garden morning light
allegory under hills and bay laurel

scattered back to the spaces most familiar
counting backward when the logic seemed to fail
now there's a girl in the desert a crack in the wall
and the wisdom all is trademarked and for sale

cautiously set the bridges on fire

the birds stand unconcerned alongside the road
ignoring speeding metal boxes on parade
while the storm clouds congregate past the powerlines
discussing plans for unhinging the day

cautiously set the bridges on fire